New Life Baymax, CGC


Australian Labradoodle

Born: September 27, 2014
Gender: Male
Breed: Australian Labradoodle
Coat Type: Fleece
Coat Color: Apricot
Weight: 65 lbs Height: 26 inches
Hips (Pennhip): 90th Percentile, No Degenerative Joint Disease
Hips (OFA): Good
Elbows: (OFA): Normal
Genetic Diseases Test (PPG): Normal (Clear)

Baymax is just an overall wonderful dog. He loves everyone he meets, and he thinks he is a lap dog! He has Canine Good Citizen Certification and does some therapy work. Baymax enjoys training, and attending rally and scent work classes. His favorie pastimes however are fetching and bikejoring!

White Labradoodle

Labradoodles By Design Kuna, CGC


Australian Labradoodle

Born: May 15, 2019
Gender: Male
Breed: Australian Labradoodle
Coat Type/Color: Fleece/Parti
Size: Medium (32 lbs/19 inches)
Hips & Elbows (OFA): Good Hips & Normal Elbows
Hips (Dr. Wallace): Good
Eyes (CAER): Normal
Cardiac (OFA): Normal
Dentition (OFA): Normal
Patella (OFA): Normal

*Normal on all Australian Labradoodlle Panel DNA tests. DNA Profiled through Animal Genetics*

Kuna came to us all the way from Nova Scotia! He is a very loving dog who can cuddle with you all day long. He lives with his guardian family in Castle Rock with two young boys, and occasionally goes to work as a therapy dog.


RRL Redsox Win at Fenway


Australian Labradoodle

Date of Birth: April 26. 2019
Size: Small Standard (47 lbs (25 inches)
Coat Color/Type: Caramel/Fleece
Hips & Elbows (OFA): Good & Normal
Pennhip: Low Risk (DI=0.28)
Hips (DR. Wallace): Good
Dentition (OFA): Normal
Patella (OFA): Normal
Cardiac(OFA): Normal
DNA Profile: Animal Genetics
DNA Disease Tests: Normal Per Parentage

Fenway is a wonderful puppy from Rainmaker Ranch Labradoodles.  He is a very sweet dog and a wonderful addition to his guardian home family. He enjoys his life in Fort Collins along with one of our retired females, Aspen.