About US

Why do we breed labradoodles? About 17 years ago we discovered that our son, Dalton, who was very young at the time, was allergic to dogs. He had been around a labradoodle and didn’t have any issues, but any other dog and his eyes would start to turn red and he would have trouble breathing. We started looking for a labradoodle because our son really wanted a dog. We were lucky and found a labradoodle not too far from where we live. Kenya was an amazing dog, just the best dog you could hope for. Like most dogs she had a few quirks, we quickly learned that we could not have chickens! That was a gruesome event! And if she ever got off leash she was heading to Kansas. In every other respect she was great. My wife started to entertain the thought of breeding Kenya but before she would seriously consider it, she wanted to go to vet tech school in order to learn as much as she could. I was still working at the time and my wife then began to breed dogs as a hobby. We raised all of the litters here in our house with my son and daughter helping. It didn’t require much effort to get them to help with the puppies. Once I retired I started to help out more with the pups. We started offering trained pups when we overheard a comment someone had made about how difficult it was to train labradoodles. We knew the exact opposite is true, these dogs are very smart. Sometimes a little too smart, but in the right hands you can train these dogs to do most anything.

We have continuously tried to improve our practices to produce puppies that are second to none. It takes a lot more time and effort to go through all of the Puppy Culture Protocols but  we are absolutely convinced it produces a better puppy. In all of our years breeding labradoodles, we have never had one of our puppies wind up in a shelter or a rescue. Our contract states that if anything happens that someone is unable to keep their dog that they contact us so we can make arrangements to get the dog back. Once we get the dog back we can work on their training if they need it, and find another good home. I can count on one hand the number of dogs that we have gotten back and it is always terribly heart breaking, for the owners and us. I never want to see an owner separated from their dog. The one thing we can offer them is the knowledge that the dog will be given tons of love, live in our home with us and our dogs until we are done training them, and we find them a suitable home.

We are working on our blog so we can have a conversation with people looking at getting a dog. Not necessarily from us, we can help with the right questions to ask, what to look for etc…. We also want to address training issues, grooming, tools, toys, everything dog and specifically doodle. So we will try and answer your questions, we will post some videos, and give other tips and advice. We would love to hear interesting stories about your doodles too!

Please check and like our Facebook Page to see updates on upcoming or current litters, better yet, call 719-214-5330,  or email  for any question.