We are a small home-based breeder of Puppy Culture raised Australian labradoodles in Southern Colorado. We breed medium and standard-sized Australian labradoodles. We only breed for the enjoyment of the puppies and to further promote labradoodles that are of excellent health, conformation, and temperament.

Our Australian labradoodles are bred with responsibility and integrity. Our goal is to place these special dogs into homes where they will be loved and cherished companions. We stand by you, and offer continuous lifetime support. We do this because we love dogs, and the Labradoodle breed.

Labradoodles are known for their intelligence, level-headedness, affection, sociability and cheerful disposition. They are loyal, friendly, eager to please, even-tempered, gentle and kind. This combination of traits makes them outstanding service and therapy dogs, as well as terrific family companions. We produce exceptional labradoodles because each litter is carefully planned. We keep two vital factors in mind as we make our selection: temperament and health.

Each puppy born in our home is handled daily. We believe that we literally have the ability to grow our pup’s brain in size and complexity, make our pup smarter, healthier and more confident by providing them the earliest possible exposure to a variety of stimuli. Colorado Mountain Labradoodles utilize early neurological stimulation, as well as the puppy culture method which represents a gold standard in puppy rearing and early socialization. We also use both the Empowered Breeder, and Avidog Evaluation Test to evaluate the temperament of each puppy.

A lot of doodle breeders are now claiming they raise their puppies using the Puppy Culture. There are lots of reinforcement based breeders out there who are doing a magnificent job but have never seen Puppy Culture, or followed the whole protocol. Providing toys and Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS) are not Puppy Culture. Make sure the breeder provides videos, and other information on their weekly updates. The way to be sure you’re getting a Puppy Culture raised puppy is to watch the film, and then observe the breeder and/or ask the questions to satisfy yourself that the breeder is, in fact, using Puppy Culture to raise his or her puppies.

We follow Puppy Culture thoroughly, and by the time our puppies are 8 weeks old, they have been started on the commands: sit, down, watch me and go to your place. They have been conditioned with the clicker, and are excited to be trained.

Our  Australian labradoodles are highly intelligent and are simple to train. They quickly learn standard obedience commands, such as sit, down, come and stay. They thrive on being mentally and physically engaged. They love playing and interacting with people and other dogs, especially in games involving chase, fetch or hide-and-seek. Families also find that our  labradoodles enjoy participating in competitive canine activities, such as tricks, agility and obedience. As with almost any breed, their socialization and training should start at an early age and continue throughout their life. They share a love of water with their field Labrador and Poodle ancestors and often will enter water without prompting. 

 Our dogs and puppies are raised and socialized in our family setting, as well as in our guardian families’.  All of our puppies receive love and care from everyone in the family. By the time they are ready to go home with you, they will be used to children and other dogs, and ready to go home to be a loving member of your family. Our dogs are treated as family, and are included in our daily routines.


“What people say”

Linda S.

“To all of you that are reading this, I highly recommend this labradoodle breeder, she is the best and I can guarantee you, the puppy you get will be awesome and will give you lots of LOVE.”

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Celeste J.

“Maila absolutely loves this breed, her breeding dogs and her “grand dogs”. Maila does this for the love of the dog and family; she is definitely not in this for the money.”

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“Maila promptly responded to all our emails. We loved the weekly updates while waiting for our puppy! She is also super knowledgeable about training and nutrition, and always willing to answer questions.”

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