Breeding and raising labradoodles is a hobby and passion for us. Our two dogs at home, Baymax and Zola are a big part of our daily life . They enjoy their lives as pets, training and bikejoring when we are not raising a litter. The rest of our dogs are in guardian homes, they don’t live with us. This gives us an opportunity to spend more time with our dog at home, and the dogs in the guardian program to enjoy their lives as pets.

As a reputable breeder we try our best to make sure we only produce healthy puppies. We select only the healthiest of poodle and labradoodle parents, as well as grandparents and great grandparents for your labradoodle puppy.

We are a member of Worldwide Australian Labradoodle Association (WALA). We adhere to WALA’s  code of ethics and are committed to the Labradoodle breed, our buyers and the WALA community. We have completed the suggested health testing on all our dogs to ensure a lifetime of health. Below is the list of companies we utilize to test our poodle and labradoodle parents prior to breeding: Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA): Hip and Elbows, Cardiac, Dentition, and Eye Certification, Dr. Kent Wallace (eVet Diagnostics): Hips and elbows, PennHip (Antech Imaging): Hips, Pawprint Genetics: DNA Testing, Vetnostic Laboratories: DNA Testing, Animal Genetics: DNA Testing, Optimal Selection: DNA Testing, Optigen: Eye Disease.

Davis Doodles Ziggy Stardust  


Australian Labradoodle

Date of Birth: December 6, 2017
Parents: Teddy & Posey of Davis Doodles
Gender: Female
Size: Small Standard (50 lbs) Height: 21 inches
Hips (OFA): Good     Elbows (OFA): Normal
Hips (Dr. Wallace): Good
Cardiac (OFA): Normal     Dentition (OFA): Normal
Genetic Diseases Test (Paw Print Genetics): Normal (Clear)

Ziggy lives with a wonderful guardian family in Denver. Her energy and loving personality makes her the perfect family dog.

CO Mountain Lena


Second Generation (F1B Labradoodle)

Date of Birth: December 8, 2017
Parents: Freya and Leonard
Gender: Female
Size: Medium (40 lbs)
Height: 22 inches
Coat Color/Type: Apricot/Fleece
Hips (Dr. Wallace): Good 
Patella and Elbows (OFA): Normal
Cardiac (OFA) Normal
Dentition (OFA): Full Dentition/Normal
Vwd, prcd-PRA, DM: Clear by parentage
EIC (PPG): Normal(Clear)
IC (PPG): Clear

Lena is a very sweet dog who lives in Centennial with her guardians along with another CO Mountain labradoodle, Moffat. Just like our other labradoodles, Lena just enjoys everyone she meets.

CO Mountain Hazel Aria


Second Generation (F1B Labradoodle)

Date of Birth: December 8, 2017
Parents: Freya and Leonard
Gender: Female
Size: Medium (39 lbs lbs/21 inches)
Coat Color/Type: Apricot/Fleece
Hips (Dr. Wallace and OFA): Excellent
Patella and Elbows (OFA): Normal
Cardiac (OFA) Normal
Dentition (OFA): Full Dentition/Normal
Vwd, prcd-PRA, DM: Clear by parentage
IC (PPG): Clear

Hazel lives with her loving guardians in Colorado Springs, and a feline friend named, Rusty. She is a gentle, sweet dog who enjoys her quiet time, daily walks, playing with Rusty and watching the yard for critters!

Cream Puff Ellie of CML


Australian Labradoodle

Date of Birth: January 11, 2019
Parents: Rebel & Rocket from Cream Puff Labradoodles
Size: Medium (32 lbs/18.5 inches)
Coat Color/Type: Red & White Parti/Fleece
Hips (OFA and Dr. Wallace): Good
Patella and Elbows (OFA): Normal
Cardiac (OFA): Clear
Dentition (OFA): Normal
Thyroid (OFA): Normal
Genetic Diseases Test (Optimal Selection): Normal (Clear)

Ellie who travels everywhere with her loving guardians lives in Creede. She enjoys the beach, and playing with friends. Ellie has a very sweet personality, and like our other dogs, can live with just daily snuggles!

DNA results

CO Mountain Zola, CGC, TKA


Multigen Labradoodle

Date of Birth: April 4, 2019
Parents: Aspen and Tovjah
Size: Standard (60 lbs/25 inches)
Coat Color/Type: Brown & White Parti/Wool
Hips (Dr. Wallace): Excellent
Hips (OFA): Good
Elbows (OFA): Normal
Dentition/Patella/Cardiac (OFA): Pending
Genetic Diseases Test (Optimal Selection): Pending

Zola is curious, energetic and intelligent. She got her CGC certification at 6 months old, and had gotten her Trick Dog Novice title at just a year old. She enjoys nice long walks and playing fetch.


CO Mountain Baden


Australian Labradoodle

Date of Birth: June 4, 2019
Parents: Izzy & RML Lincoln
Size: Small Standard (45-50 lbs/24 inches)
Coat Color/Type: Chocolate/Fleece
Hips & Elbows (OFA): Good & Normal
Pennhip: Low Risk (DI=0.28)
Cardiac (OFA): Clear
Dentition (OFA): Normal
Patella (OFA): Normal
Eyes (OFA): Normal
DNA Profile: Animal Genetics
DNA Disease Tests: Pending

Baden lives with her wonderful Guardians in Fort Collins. She enjoys her life with another resident dog named Stella.  She is very easy going, loves other dogs and  an overall wonderful member of her family.

CO Mountain Yellow Daisy


Australian Labradoodle

Date of Birth: July 1, 2019
Parents: Ziggy and Baymax
Gender: Female
Size: Medium (35 lbs)
Height: 22.5 inches
Coat Color/Type: Apricot/Fleece
Pennhip: 0.32 (DI)
Hips(OFA): Excellent
Elbows (OFA): Negative
Thyroid (OFA): Normal
Vwd, prcd-PRA, DM: Clear by parentage
Cardiac (OFA): Normal(Clear)
Patella(OFA): Clear

Sweet Daisy lives with her wonderful guardians in Colorado Springs. Her official photos will be updated in 2021.

CO Mountain Aoife (EE-fa)


F1BB Labradoodle

Date of Birth: February 15, 2020
Parents: Sora & Leonard
Size: Medium (30 lbs)/21 inches
Coat Color/Type: Red/Fleece

Our sweet Aoife lives in Littleton with her loving guardians where she enjoys frolicking in the backyard. She lives with 2 cats who may or may not be happy she is invading their privacy!

Her testing will be started when she is over a year old. New photos will be updated around the same time.

CO Mountain Bentley


Australian Labradoodle

Date of Birth: December 23, 2020
Parents: Sora & Kuna
Size: Medium (30-35 lbs when full grown)
Coat Color/Type: Caramel/Fleece

Bentley also lives in Littleton. Her guardian family has another CML dog named Barkley who Bentley insists is her bestfriend!

Her information and testing will be done/updated when she is a year old.