A lot of families who adopt puppies from us have young children and other responsibilities, and find it difficult to juggle work, parenting and training an 8 week old puppy. We get inquiries from families who would like a puppy who is already potty trained and knows basic obedience, so they can enjoy their puppy and not go through all the trouble of puppy hood. Some families are also interested in a therapy, and service dog quality puppy who has had some training.

We provide each new family with a list of information, as well as books that will give great information about how to introduce your puppy to his new home and how to  continue training him to be the a fantastic pet, therapy dog or a service dog. We train our Australian and F1B labradoodles in our home, include them in our daily routines, and take them everywhere we go where dogs are allowed. They are trained to the standards of the AKC Canine Good Citizen Program and will be great candidates to further train to be therapy dogs. 




Below are videos of puppies who finished the trained puppy program at CML. These puppies had homes
waiting for them before they were trained so they are no longer available.
For more videos of our past litters and trained labradoodles please click below!
Below are pictures of the trained labradoodle puppies from CO Mountain
Labradoodles. All of our trained puppies are in their forever homes.