~What People Say About Us~

We are so very pleased with the whole process of getting our trained pup from CML & highly recommend them.
Maila & Jeff make it a very easy process. We dropped off a bath towel that we all spent the week sleeping with so Kona was familiar with our scent. She still sleeps with bath towel to this day. We were able to spend some quality time with Kona prior to bringing her home…Seeing what she learned & getting to know her & her getting to know us. 
Maila & Jeff were wonderful about sending videos of her training, pictures & updates. The hardest part was the wait…the excitement & anticipation. We were all very excited for the addition to our family.
Maila & Jeff truly care deeply for their dogs & pups & do an excellent job in breeding & training. Our Kona is so loving & the bonding was immediate. The plus & requirement for us to have added a dog to our family was for her to be trained, crate & potty trained were a must & the commands are so beneficial for all of us. We were all so amazed that at such an early age that she was fully trained on all requirements & more. 
The support from Maila & Jeff does not stop at the time of purchase. They continue to be with us for support, questions, watch her if we are out of town, etc…
It’s hard to imagine our life without our Kona. 

I have two Labradoodles that I have adopted from Colorado Mountain Labradoodles.  I did a lot of research before adopting my first dog and I have no regrets. After a wonderful experience, I went back to add a second dog to our family.   Maila is very thorough in vetting the people who adopt her dogs.  Because of this, it is rare for a dog to be returned.  I appreciated the questions she asked during the vetting process.  In addition to making sure I was a competent home for adoption, she wanted to see what I knew about the breed and about dog care in general.  Any weaknesses in my knowledge were met with suggestions to help me gain the necessary knowledge as opposed to rejecting me as an adopter.  This education helped set us up to successfully integrate our new puppy into our home.

Maila is quite intentional in her breeding.  She is careful about genetic testing, rejecting from her breeding program any dog who has genetic issues or flaws or any social weaknesses.  It is obvious that she goes above and beyond in insuring her dogs are as healthy as possible from a genetic stand point. The result is very healthy and well socialized puppies.

Maila spends a considerable amount of time socializing her puppies to insure they will fit in with their adoptive homes. She is quite skilled at being able to suggest which puppies will fit in with a particular family. My dogs came to me with a desire to learn from and interact with humans.  It made training easy.  Both of my dogs passed their AKC CGC exams before turning one year old.

Her post-adoption communication is amazing.  She is always available to answer questions that come up from new dog owners.  My dogs are currently one and two and we are still in frequent communication, as I depend on her knowledge and experience.  She has a Facebook group where families can share experiences and ask questions.  I have learned so much from this group.



I have two doodles from Maila and they are absolutely the best dogs ever. I can definitely say I’m officially hooked on doodles and on Maila. At first, I was hoping to find a doodle at a rescue, but I quickly learned that shelters rarely have doodles, much less doodle puppies. So, I decided I’d go with a labradoodle breeder, but it had to be a responsible one. I researched all the breeders I could find in Colorado and reached out to Maila. She was absolutely wonderful! She communicates clearly from the very beginning, sends updates and pictures and videos once the puppies are born, and is a resource for you for the entirety of the process – from choosing to raising your puppy. It’s clear that she truly cares about these puppies and their moms and dads, and that shines through in everything she does.

She’s launched a very active Facebook community for all of us CML owners, and everyone is so generous and helpful. People in the group even schedule play dates and dogsit for one another. It’s truly such a beautiful community.

Maila will send the puppies home with a book that includes all medical records, temperament tests, pictures of the puppy, helpful tips, etc. My vet said she’s never seen a breeder be so thorough in all of the reporting and record-keeping as Maila is. Once I got my first doodle home, I almost immediately got on the wait list for a second one from Maila.

I’m set with my two girls right now, but I’m sure I’ll be tempted for a third at some point, and I’ll go right back to Maila. Thank you, Maila, for everything you do for these wonderful puppies. My girls are the absolute loves of my life. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Chocolate Labradoodle


To anyone considering purchasing a Colorado Mountain Labradoodle, we give our wholehearted recommendation!

We brought our CML doodle home in September of 2015, and though there have been some challenges, we wouldn’t trade our curly boy for any other dog in the world.  Nox is hilarious, sweet, intelligent, active, cuddly, and caring.  He’s the best dog in the world and has our whole hearts. As a puppy, he learned sit, shake, down, come, and stay in a single try.  He only had one accident in the house, and he was the star of his puppy classes.  Today, he is a certified Canine Good Citizen and he is training to be a therapy dog.  He LOVES adventures and has done everything from climbing a 12,000 foot mountain to stand-up paddleboarding. He loves to cuddle and when people are sad he sits right next to them—and sometimes he takes them his favorite toy!  He is also stunning. We are stopped everywhere we go by people wanting to pet him and telling us how beautiful he is—we’ve even had a couple people pull over while driving to comment on his looks.

Beyond bragging about Nox, our experience buying a CML doodle was wonderful.  Maila promptly responded to all our emails.  We loved the weekly updates while waiting for our puppy! She is also super knowledgeable about training and nutrition, and always willing to answer questions. The community of CML doodle owners is invaluable. The doodle get togethers are so fun and it’s wonderful to be able to ask the facebook group any doodle related questions.  Not only does Maila offer great advice, but many of the other owners are great sources of information.  Also, it’s nice to have a place to post pictures of Nox and see photos of other doods!

Do yourself a favor, buy a CML doodle!

Julianne and Michael — Wyoming

Labradoodle Breeder


Our puppy Maxine is 4 months old and we are so happy with our decision to use Colorado Mountain Labradoodles.  We very much want our children to grow up with a dog, but when you have 3 boys (a 10 year old with ADHD, a 3 year old and a 1 year old) it is so important that you find a good fit for your family; and we found that in our CML puppy.  I fell in love with one of the puppies in the birth photos, and fell even harder for her as we watched her grow in the photos and videos Maila posted as they grew.

Maxine was given mostly 3’s and 5’s in her temperament testing, but when we went to pick our puppy and she was still there we knew she was meant to be ours.  Our puppy slept through the night after 1 week at home.  She was tolerant of the pulls and hugs and kisses given to her by my 1 year old. She didn’t have an accident the first 2 days she was home and is completely house broken by 3 months. We have been training our puppy and she is very smart and picks up on commands quickly. Our vet was very impressed with the packet of information we brought home on our dog.

Maxine is an amazing, loving puppy.  You can tell that Maila gives her puppies a lot of love and attention to help them transition easily into your home.  We are so thankful we were chosen by Colorado Mountain Labradoodles to welcome one of their puppies into our family.



Today is September 15th, 2014 and I would like to tell you about our new friend Odin.

Back on March 3rd, 2014 we had to send our beloved Buddy to heaven, he was 15 1/2 years old.  He was a Cockapoo and we loved him dearly and were so sad to loose him but we did not want him to suffer.
The next day my husband and I sat in this empty house, no little four legged creatures running around and we found ourselves very lonely.  So, my husband asked me to get on line and see what I could find.  I told him my dream was to get a labradoodle and he said go for it.
I wanted someone in Colorado with good references and found Colorado Mountain Labradoodles in Pueblo, Colorado.  I read some of the reviews and all about the labradoodle breeder, Ms. Maila Estabrook and decided to send an inquiry.  She called me right away and we visited a little bit.  She indicated she had this puppy and his name is Odin, however, I could not have him until sometime end of April or so because of some much needed surgery he needed to have.  So I decided to wait.
She sent me pictures and I immediately decided he was for us.  Oh my goodness, was I 100% right, what a wonderful animal.  He took to us right away and far from being just a puppy he has been remarkable.  He was potty trained, leash trained, had lots of good manners, just perfect.  I have never in my life seen a breeder with the compassion that Maila has with these animals.  Not just because their temperament is so remarkable, but, the fact that they are well cared for while under her care.
He has a wonderful family up here in Badger Creek.  All of our neighbors just love him and are amazed at just how good he is.  So thank you Maila, you are truly amazing and I am so fortunate to have picked you to find our next best friend.
To all of you that are reading this, I highly recommend this labradoodle breeder, she is the best and I can guarantee you, the puppy you get will be awesome and will give you lots of LOVE.
Linda Schwartzkopf
Badger Creek Ranch
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Interested in Colorado Mountain Labradoodles?
Interested in Maila as a breeder?
Look no further for a doodle of your own. I did a lot of research on the breed and labradoodle breeders. Maila absolutely loves this breed, her breeding dogs and her “grand dogs”. Maila does this for the love of the dog and family; she is definitely not in this for the money.
Maila makes sure that the prospective adoptive parents are really in this for the right reason. She called our vet to talk to them about our current pets. She checked our philosophy on discipline, feeding, health care, etc.  She really wants the puppies to go to loving homes as family members. I know my family and I (ok, probably more me right away) were excited when we were accepted.
After the puppies were born we got weekly updates and pictures. Maila definitely treats the puppies like new born babies and makes sure she gets up with them and also cares deeply for the mom. These little families are part of her family and her husband an daughter love on them as well. That way by the time they join your family, they are well on their way to being socialized with humans. She even works on crate training and housebreaking before you pick your little bundle of joy up!
Maila has a Facebook group for all her doodle owners, prospective owners and family members. She organizes a couple of reunions every year for everyone to get together and let their doodles play.
I’m very pleased to say that 1.5 years later I have my 13 month old Coco. We were also privileged enough to be chosen as Guardian Parents for seven month old Juneau who will eventually be a mommy to maybe even one of your puppies!
To make a long story short, you can stop looking right now. Fill out the application, do the interview and make plans to bring home the best puppy you can find! Good luck and thank you Maila for our girls!


Dear Maila – and to those considering one of Maila’s Labradoodle puppies……
We have been so happy with not only our new little puppy, Baylor, but also with the experience Maila as a labradoodle breeder has provided.  To all that are considering the Labradoodle breed, AND considering Maila as a labradoodle breeder:  SAVE SOME TIME – I have already done all of the research for you!  😉
Maila will tell you, I’m as analytical as they get, and did a lot of research, not just evaluating the Labradoodle breed, but also comparing Colorado labradoodle breeders.  Read below, but then I hope you’ll also contact me so I can answer any questions you may have.
Maila as a breeder:
*  Maila is clearly ‘in this’ for the love, not for the money.  In fact, you’ll notice that her prices are well below other  labradoodle breeders.  Maila simply loves this breed, and considers it her mission to find good homes for her puppies.  To be honest, Maila was kind of ‘interviewing us’ to make sure her puppies met our needs, and vice versa.
*  Maila takes incredible care of the puppies before you pick them up, including getting up with them in the middle of the night….she commented that she doesn’t sleep for at least 9 weeks!
*  Maila ‘crate trains’ the puppies to make that adjustment much easier once the puppy is in your home.  In fact, Baylor never once wimpered in his crate at night, and was able to ‘make it through’ the night without going outside because Maila had done the hard work (and lost a lot of sleep) before we picked Baylor up at 8 weeks old.
*  It isn’t just Maila – her hubby and kids are equally committed to the puppies, and they get lots of attention very early.  They also have a wonderful home environment with their own ‘house’ to shade them from the sun, and lots of hay to romp around in.
*  They are as good as they are publicized to be: wonderful temperaments (they just want to please you and be around you), most will not shed, and they are very smart.
*  I have never felt a SOFTER coat of hair on another dog!
Our little 9 week old Baylor has been awesome.  Everyone literally falls in love with him when they meet him.  We were lucky:  Maila recommended the ‘lover’ of the bunch, and he just wants attention….of course, he gets lots of that in our house.
So again, Maila, thank you for everything. I have absolutely NO hesitation recommending Maila as a labradoodle breeder. For those considering a puppy from Colorado Mountain Labradoodles, I would be more than happy to talk to you or even have you meet little Baylor….we live in Lonetree.
Baylor_9_wks Baylor


Below are some referrals from families who adopted puppies from us…these referrals were sent directly to a website administrator  for breeder recommendation…

My wife Paula and I are writing this recommendation for Maila and CO Mountain Labradoodles.  In the fall of 2009 Paula and I decided that we wanted a Labradoodle puppy to join our home.  We are empty nesters and thought, after reading about the breed, a labradoodle would be the per fact companion for us.  We live in a town home in Centennial near a large park. we began looking at labradoodle breeders. Right away, Maila’s web site stood out. It was complete, well organized and very appealing. Maila’s prices, too, were the lowest we found anywhere.  We applied for consideration, and were accepted.

Communications with Maila were exceptional. We received pictures of the parents, Ginger and Kirby right away. Maila then kept us appraised of Ginger’s progress.  After the pups were born, Maila sent pictures each week with information about the pups.  We absolutely couldn’t wait until  we could visit and play with all of the pups, and in particular Miss Orange (the pup’s collar color).  Maila was so wonderful when we arrived.  We met her family and had over an hour to spend with the puppies.  When we picked up Miss Orange, or Amber as we decided to call her, Maila had an entire packet of information for us, including a history of our puppies behavior, with photos, medical information about the parents, a supply of food, training tips and advice… The experience was about as positive as it could have been.
Throughout the entire experience, it was super evident that Maila had the puppies’ health, safety, socialization and successful transfer to their new families foremost in all that she did. We still consider Maila a friend, and highly recommend her as a leading labradoodle breeder in the western United States.


On March 10, 2010 I purchased a puppy, “Joia” from Colorado Mountain Labradoodles. I had been researching for a months for the perfect new addition to our home and Maila Estabrook “rescued” me with answers to my long lines of questions but, it was not until I saw the litter of puppies that I decided that I wanted one. There has never been a moment that I have regretted my decision and Joia has been a wonderful addition to our home.  She is gorgeous (walking her is an issue because EVERYONE wants to meet her:) smart, funny (incredible personality) and above all healthy and loving.  I would not go anywhere else for a puppy as Maila proved to be very knowledgeable and extraordinarily patient with me as I knew nothing about this breed.  I could not be more pleased.

Feel free to contact me should you have any questions. I would be happy to forward pictures of my stunning girl!



My name is Kaja, and I adopted a beautiful standard chocolate F1B Labradoodle from Maila Estabrook of Colorado Mountain Labradoodles in March of 2010.  I researched many larbadoodle breeders and did not take this process lightly.  When I started corresponding with Maila in the Fall of 2009, I was immediately impressed with her courtesy and professionalism.  She would always reply to e-mails in a timely fashion and provide updates on the upcoming litter through her website.  Her dogs are loved and cared for as though they are her children, and the puppies have such a wonderful environment in which they are socialized and treated as Maila’s own family dogs.

When “my” litter arrived, Maila would provide weekly e-mails with pictures of the litter and each puppy, complete with weight and personality details from the very beginning.  I could not wait to see the growth each week!  At the age of six weeks, we were able to visit the puppies for the first time and make our selection, and then at eight weeks we took our puppy home.  When we picked him up,  Maila provided us with a scrapbook of the dog’s first two months, which was astonishing to me!  She really went through a lot of trouble to make sure each puppy had his own book with his/her daily routine, vet records, and a picture. 

My dog, Aspen, is now one year old.  He has been such a joy to my family, and he really does have an exceptional demeanor.  I think this stems from the exceptional breeding and his first two months of socialization in Maila’s home.  When I got him, he was already used to kids and the vacuum cleaner!  He was so calm and sweet, yet playful and curious.  Within two weeks he was mostly potty trained, and it took him only about three nights to get used to his crate, which is in our bedroom.  He also did well on leash after a short time of training.  He is healthy and well-adjusted, and very eager to please.  Aspen is very sensitive to others’ needs and seems to intuitively understand what each type of situation calls for.  It amazes me how he interacts with children, for example.  When he was still just a very young puppy, he was always calm around babies and would even lay all the way down, with his head on the ground, in front of them, not moving a muscle when they touched him. I think he did/does this so as not to intimidate them.  With the older kids he is playful, but still never overpowering. He has also been around disabled adults on many occasions, and he seems very sensitive to their needs as well, remaining calm and just leaning against them, sitting down. This is not something I have taught him, he has always been this way.  I have, of course, exposed him to many environments from the start, and that is crucial in raising a well-adjusted dog.

Maila has been very involved with the welfare of her litters, and it is clear that she does what she does for the love of the breed. Even after her puppies are gone to their new homes she is concerned about them and encourages updates so she knows “her” dogs are all right.  She also arranges “reunions” so that all the owners can get together and meet, and the litter-mates can see each other again, if possible! 

I receive compliments on Aspen wherever we go. People are just amazed by the beauty and demeanor of this dog, and I always give them Maila’s information in case they are looking for a dog like this.  A lot of people will tell me there are breeders nearby or that they themselves breed Labradoodles or Goldendoodles.  Well, I have seen a lot of these dogs and there is a huge difference in breeders who are just doing this for the money, and for breeders with standards like Maila.  My Aspen is like a super-fine racehorse in all respects, and I thank her for that.  

I recommend Maila to anyone who is interested in a labradoodle breeder with integrity, knowledge, and compassion.
photo__6_ Aspen


After searching for quite some time for a lbreeder for our soon-to-be labradoodle we landed on Maila’s page and were happy to see all the positive feedback others had posted on her site.  We decided to contact her and with a quick response we were asked to fill out a survey to ensure we were suitable candidates.  We found this reassuring as it was soon clear she cared dearly about her puppies and was doing all she could to find them the perfect home. From that point Maila was wonderful to work with and always easy to get in touch with.  She never failed to keep us up to date on the puppies’ growth, and always answered our numerous questions about preparing for our new addition.  What really put our experience over the top was the day we went to Maila’s house to choose our puppy, she treated us just like family.  Her love for the puppies did not end when we took them home, she is always happy to hear their progress and loves a visit any chance she can get! Maila also loves to stay in touch, and to this day she continues to answer our questions.  Maila is a unique labradoodle breeder in many ways from her passion for breeding, TLC for each puppy, and the fact she is very knowledgeable about health issues as she works as a Vet-tech. We would highly recommend any prospective buyer to strongly consider Maila, you won’t be disappointed!

hike021 Brew-1



Hello. My name is Chris. My wife Megan and I were lucky enough to purchase a Labradoodle from Colorado Mountain Labradoodles in the summer of ’08. Working with Maila has been great from the beginning through today. She is very loving with the puppies and they truly are part of her family. She works on potty training, kennel training, name recognition and sit. Harley came almost preprogrammed. The information she gives when you pick up your new family member is very thorough. She is very interactive via the web so while you are waiting to bring your puppy home you can see the latest pictures and even some videos. Even now she schedules reunions for her litters. I would recommend no other labradoodle breeder to work with for your new family member.
harley2 harley


We have a wonderful Labradoodle named Manny! He has a great disposition, smart, a quick learner, friendly, gets along well with other dogs and makes a great walking companion. We are stopped daily because he is so cute and well behaved, people want to know what kind of dog he is and where we got him! He is the best dog we have ever had and has been a wonderful addition to our family! Maila is an outstanding labradoodle breeder and has made several follow up phone calls, emails and set up reunions for the owners and their dogs. We are considering another dog and there will be no doubt as to where we we will go, Colorado Mountain Labradoodles!
Manny2 Manny


June 02, 2008

Hi Maila!

Booker has had a very ‘social’ weekend, meeting lots of close friends, family and doggie playmates. ‘Puppy on Parade’ with everyone wanting to meet him. He was remarkable through it all, I’ve never seen a dog, especially a puppy greet everyone with such calm friendliness and confidence. I think he must be a wise old soul in a young puppy body. In addition to all the visitors, we went to a nursing facility to see a good friend of mine who has horrible MS. Booker was a star with her and many elderly in wheelchairs. He sat with 3 of them in their laps! He loves the little pool, which he and another puppy’s romped in and out of a lot. Then got very muddy. We laughed so hard. We’ve had a nice quiet day today, which he really needed. Me too!

Even the vet was extremely impressed. He had his next round of shots today, and the Boradella nose drops. He weighed in at 13.8 pounds.

Booker has not had a single accident, slept all through the night last night. Only the first night, he was a little fussy in the crate. He is amazing in every way. I have been wanting to let you know, but just now have had the time.
Please know how grateful I am to you for all you have done to bring forward such a wonderful dog and friend.

I feel truly lucky and honored to have him in my life.! Right now I am outside on my patio with Booker asleep on my feet. Life doesn’t get much better.

Enjoy the photos, I’ll be in touch.
Mary Sue


March 02, 2007
Grady-girl is awesome!!!!  You did a super job with her.  She was great in the car ride home and last night she only cried for less than 5 min once she was in the kennel, at bed time.  I woke up at about 4 am and woke her up to take her potty.  She is so good!  When I take her out back she goes potty and then goes straight to the door when she is finished!!  That is amazing. The vet today said she was obviously taken good care of, she is in perfect health. She is 12lbs (but looks more than that).
Maila, I would love to be a reference for you if some one is looking for one. Thank you for taking such GREAT care of her.  You can tell that you put your heart in to it. I will be sending you pictures from time to time and dropping you a line.
take care —Barb, Pam and Grady-girl:)
Grady1 CIMG0907


Hey Maila!
So sorry it has taken me forever to get back to you!!!  We’ve been having so much fun with Riley that things like catching up on email have fallen on the back burner 🙂  She is doing GREAT – and is just the most wonderful dog… more then we ever could have hoped for! She loves the water, rolling around in tall grass (she gets pouty when I mow), chasing her toys, and playing in general – she’s just the happiest little thing and we love her SO much!  She’s really growing fast too… it seems like she is getting bigger every day.  She goes into the vet for her third round of shots on Thursday… and the vet just loves her… all of the ladies there are in agreement that she is the cutest Labradoodle they have ever seen! She is wonderful with people, great with kids, and really good with other dogs.  She is just beautiful and has the most wonderful temperament – she is outstanding in every way – and we are so grateful to you for letting us bring her into our lives.
I’ve attached a couple of pictures here, and would be happy to have you add anything you would like to your webpage.  I can not adequately express to you how impressed we have been with both you, and Riley.  The support and guidance you provided us throughout the process was remarkable, and the puppy you raised was just wonderful as well.  Thank you so much Maila!  I would love to hear from you when you get the time… hope all is well with you too!
Take care and thinking of you,
Riley, Lizzie & Scott
Riley3 Riley2


Hi Maila,
I wanted to say hello and give you an update on Grover.  We really love him and feel so lucky to have him.  He has quite the personality.  You were right that he is calm.  I love that he does not jump or get crazy when people come over.  He is still a little shy around strangers, but we are working on that at puppy class.  He is a very quick learner and the star of his class.  Grover is getting very big already, 40 pounds.  Here are some new pictures of him.
Anyway, thank you so much.  We have people ask about him all the time and we highly recommend they contact you if they are looking for a labradoodle.  By the way I love your website.  Its nice to see how his litter mates are doing.
The Rathburn Family
Grover4 Grover1-1


June 04, 2008
Hello!  He, (Seamus) is SO wonderful!!  He adjusted amazingly fast and has had NO accidents in the house. He slept until about 5 am his first night, then went back to bed for another hour and a half after his potty break.  He’s been AMAZING outside and today, slept until 7 am!!
I can’t thank you and your family enough for such a healthy, happy puppy. He is so smart and SUCH a good boy. He already seems very comfortable here, and gets very, very happy whenever he sees Scott or me (whomever hadn’t been in the house for a while at that point)  He loves his big backyard and his neighbors already and is getting quite good on the leash.  He knows his name and “sits” very well, so we’re working on “stay” and “bring” now.
We’ve taken him lots of places to socialize and in fact, he’s already been to the top of Mt. Evans! (by car, of course)  We went to the vet yesterday and he got 3 new shots and came thru like a champ. The doc was very impressed and said he was in absolutely perfect health. We have another appt in 3 weeks for his next round of shots.  We are so in love with the little guy and already, it feels like he’s always been part of our family.  Again, thank you SO much for raising such a  wonderful boy.  I’ll send pictures as soon as we take any! LOL
We’ll be in touch, and feel free to contact us ANYtime.
Labradoodle Breeder Capture9


For More Updates, Pictures and Testimonials, please check our More Testimonials Page. You can also check our Facebook Group page where previous families who adopted puppies from us update us about their puppies, share their experiences and post lots of pictures and videos of their labradoodles.