Our puppies are here!!! We have 10 puppies from this litter, 6 males  and 4 females. We still have 3 spots left in our deposit list. If you are interested in Freya’s puppies please fill out the Puppy Application for consideration. 

~Week 1, 3 & 4 Photos~

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Date of Birth: November 13, 2018

Parents: Freya & Leonard

Generation: F1B Labradoodles

Size: 45-55  lbs average when full grown

Price: $2,000.00

Going Home: January 12, 2019

Deposit List:

1. Reserved

2. Reserved

3. Reserved

4. Reserved

5. Reserved

6. Reserved

7. Reserved

8. Available

9. Available

10. Available


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Visitor Policy: We encourage you to visit,  but the health and safety of our puppies is our first priority. We limit  visitation to those who have either reserved or purchased a puppy. If you have reserved a puppy you may visit after the litter has received their first immunization. We implemented this limitation due to the recent outbreaks of Parvo virus – which has the ability to kill entire litters within days. With this policy, you can be assured that when your puppy is born here, we will do everything possible to minimize his/her exposure to deadly diseases. If you have not reserved a puppy, but are interested in meeting a Labradoodle to see if they are the right dog for your family, please contact us. We may be able to put you in touch with someone in your area who has a Labradoodle that you could meet.

Adoption Process: This procedure has been developed to give everyone an equal opportunity to adopt a puppy from Colorado Mountain Labradoodles.

First you need to fill out our puppy application form to ensure that each and every labradoodle puppy is placed in a loving, forever home. You will be notified when your application has been approved, and will be asked if you want to send a deposit or would prefer to wait once the puppies are born. We have a Deposit list for each litter for those who want to make sure they will get a puppy. Our deposit is $200.00, and it will be applied to the total cost of the puppy.

We do not assign puppies to families, you and your family will decide which puppy you will take home. We do our best to make sure before your visit that you have an idea about the puppies’ personalities thru the videos, pictures, updates and temperament test we send.

We are very aware of your desire to choose a pup by their pictures and/or color but their looks will change as they mature.  You must remember these puppies will grow to become a member of your family. Since we are around the puppies from birth and are aware of their personalities we can suggest which puppy will fit into the lifestyle of your family.

We will post pictures  of the available puppies so you can observe their growth, their environment and daily activities.

Under most circumstances all puppies will go home at 8 weeks of age. A puppy may be held back from traveling if our vet believes there is a need to wait an additional week, whatever the reason, you will be notified. Our puppies well being comes first and we will not send puppies to their new homes under 8 weeks  of age under any circumstance.

We are committed to every puppy born in our home. In the event that a new owner cannot for some reason keep their dog, we would like to be the first one contacted to assist and do whatever we can to help in finding a new home.

For more pictures of our puppies please visit our Facebook Page.



Available Labradoodle Puppies

Australian Labradoodles


While deposits are not required until the puppies are born; due to high demand they are required to secure a spot on the selection list.