Hello! My name is Maila. I have an associates degree in Veterinary Technology which helps me tremendously in my breeding program. We have 2 dogs at home, and would so love to have a cat but we have allergy concerns in the family so for now our  dogs get all our love and attention. I was born and raised in the Philippines and grew up with dogs, cats, chickens and other farm animals. The greatest influence for my love of dogs is my father, he believes that all kids should grow up with a dog.

I take the hobby of breeding labradoodles very seriously and it is my desire to produce wonderful puppies who had an early start on socialization from our home. It’s very important to me and my family that our puppies are placed to great families who will give the same love and care that we have given them.

Please check our Facebook Group where families who adopted puppies from us share their experiences, updates and pictures of their labradoodles. You can also check and like our Facebook Page to see updates on upcoming or current litters, better yet, call 719-214-5330,  or Email Us  for any question.